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    Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available


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    Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available Empty Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available

    Post  UpNorthTracks Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:53 pm

    I guess better late then never.

    So.... after months of hair pulling and nagging, the makers of the Geomate jr. finally got us the new, pre-loaded, CSA approved, Canadian version of the Geomate jr.
    The unit

    The Update Kit

    Complete Starter Kit

    Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available FoldAd

    Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available FoldAdBack

    If anyone has any other questions about the unit, please fire me off a PM and I will obtain the answer.

    Pre-loaded selection: They only include caches that have been in place for about 3 months (for a bit of staying power). They include easy micro caches, and standard traditional caches up to a difficulty 3. However, if you update the unit through their web site, then the 3 month rule doesn’t apply and you get everything up to a difficulty 4.

    Canadian vs US: They didn’t have the exact numbers at hand, but it is safe to say that if you follow the above considerations. It’s probably more inportant to know where the cutoff is as far as location goes. Here is the map of coverage for the Canadian cache list. So as long as you are in the ‘green zone’ and the cache meets the above criteria, then it’s in the unit. (Note from factory vs download from web)

    Canadian GeoMate Jr. Now available PreLoadmap

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