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    COG SPRING FLING - June 11 2011 Barrie Ontario


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    COG SPRING FLING - June 11 2011 Barrie Ontario Empty COG SPRING FLING - June 11 2011 Barrie Ontario

    Post  Juicepig Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:56 pm

    Fellow Geocachers,

    COG recently received a letter from a joint securities agency asking us the relay the following information:

    Central Ontario Geocachers,

    On January 1 2011, a communication was sent on a low-band frequency from the forests around the Tiffin Conservation area.

    This communication was intercepted; it contained a request for subversives to enter the conservation area on June 11th 2011. These subversives would pose as geocachers and “blend into the crowd”; the precise objective of their mission at this time has not yet been ascertained. Intelligence gathered to date suggests that the enemy plans are being kept on a secure micro-film; the whereabouts of this micro-film is currently being investigated.

    Geocachers for the most part are law abiding citizens who have been quite helpful to authorities during past incidents of this nature. We are calling on Geocachers, once again... to help us.

    The rules of engagement are as follows:

    1) Agents will participate in the COG Spring Fling Mega Event; during this time they are requested to remain alert and look for any signs of subversive activities

    2) Special Operatives will continue to gather intelligence on the activities of the subversives; these Special Operatives will communicate with Agents at the event through the usual channels

    3) The subversive's plans will need to be located; until such time that more intelligence has been gathered.... STAY ALERT.

    Should you not choose to accept the mission of course, you are welcome to participate in the festivities.... that is, if you are happy to leave the fate of the world in the hands of others.

    Please pass this on to other Geocachers you may encounter.

    So, YA! Bad guys are hijacking the fling. We are putting up a Dossier on the event (Classy!) Check it out here: - We are picking a spy theme to totally mock the situation, and also make it easier for real spies to blend in. If you can make it to Barrie for June 11th we would love to see you there!

    Pre-Registration that is received prior to May 1st 2011 at ( ) will be entered into a random draw for COG Prize Pack!

    For more event Details, check out, or just post something here and someone will answer!

    Some FAQs:
    Q) Will BBQ-frog be served? - Yes
    Q) Will Groundspeak employees be showing up? - probably.. so long as I don't over-emphasize the Frog BBQ. Lackies are still leary/recovering from last year
    Q) Will BBQ-frog be served? - Yes, the question is THAT Frequently asked.
    Q) If i don't like eating frog? - Hotdogs, Hamburgers, water, pop, and a few other things that are being discussed
    Q) Is Juicepig cooking the food (I have to eat kosher)? - The Frogs yes, everything else is outsourced to a recognizable purveyor of meats.
    Q) ... Uhm, Is this a real event? - Yes! see?

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